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HypnoBirthing is a Gold Standard evidence-based childbirth education; a holistic approach to childbirth bridges the gap between science and nature. HypnoBirthing -The Mongan Method is ideal for all expectant parents who wanted a calm and beautiful birth regardless of the birth outcome. 

From prenatal bonding, birth plan creation, active birth method for partner to understand your newborn. You and your partner will learn ways to calm baby in Four sessions and parent classes online course.

If you are giving birth in Singapore, confuse and not knowing what to expect during labour and birth or simply require additional support, consider hiring a Birth Doula. Labour Home Consultation for guidance in labour.

For busy couples and experienced parents who wanted skill based labour coping strategy and calm way to care for your newborn in 7 hours with complementary online childbirth education course learn at your own paced

“Calming Baby class was very helpful especially when I was thrown into breastfeeding at every 2 hours interval. I was flipping through your notes on all the crying cues and how to latch etc. Fortunately, Lila latched quite well and has been quite a calm baby. At least, when she cried, we understood why?” Wendy Chua, first-time mother

Giving birth is a family event that involves the woman, her birth partner/husband, and her baby. The role of the labouring woman is to give birth. Birth partner will learn ways relax and exercises to stretch tight muscles, help baby stay in optimal position for labour. Help labour progress with various Labour Tools.

Prepare for parenthood begins with Nurturing self and nurturing your partner. It is the first-step towards giving your baby the right to be born healthy.  We aim to achieve holistic health.

Butterfly Touch Massage Therapy is a light touch that involves stroking on the surface of the skin without any pressure. It is done by the therapist to anyone from babies to elderly

Schedule a private birth consultation of 1-2hours to help your baby re-position himself to an optimal birth position for labour and birth. If you are not sure what to do, let our Birth Expert answer your queries.

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Labour Tools for Husband

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Nurturing Conception, Prenatal Care, Breakthrough in Childbirth, Postpartum Recovery and Baby's Future Health

1st Tuesday – Nurturing Conception
2nd Tuesday – Pregnancy and Welcoming Baby
3rd Tuesday – Postpartum Recovery & Baby Free Virtual Live sessions on Tuesday at 12.00 pm / 8.00 pm

Prepare to Conceive in 5 Aspects
Expand your mind in Childbirth, Prenatal Yoga, Partnering in Parenting, Breastfeeding and Aromatherapy
Postnatal Care
Essential Postnatal Care and Baby's Future Health


During birth, I felt very well. I wasn’t sure if I
was in labour because I was not in pain. It
was like every 3 minutes so I used the
Surge Breathing which helped me a lot. We
reached the hospital at 2.40am and I was 6cm
dilated. Then it was a bit of a rush, 20
minutes later, I was fully opened. They
asked me to push. Of course I wasn’t
listening to what they were saying. I was
using J Breath and the baby came after 10
minutes. So, within 3 hours 10 minutes,
Louna came into this world.
You can give birth without pain, that’s true.
it was really nice and good experience for
me. So, thanks to HypnoBirthing!

Stephanie Birth Experience

Matured mother is wiser and more educated if she is motivated to give birth naturally? Above 40 years old give birth for the first time? No problem! Stephanie was 41 years old, not only she achieved a pain-free birth, her birth was Fast and Easy, not fast and furious.

You can give birth without pain, that’s true. It was really nice and good experience for me. So, thanks to HypnoBirthing!

Lilins Tan Birth Experience

I learnt to trust my baby who is capable of birthing herself. Despite being induced, 


The idea of hypnosis put me off at first but i was willing to give it a go when i understood that it was more about ‘relaxation’ techniques to help keep me sane through delivery. The truth was, i was scared deep down inside so i signed up for HypnoBirthing class with Yen. When yen asked what i wanted my birth experience to be, “Fast, Smooth, Profound” was my reply. That was exactly what happened. Ifelt more assured and confident with Ronald going through this with me. I learnt to step back and let my body do the work when the negative talk crossed my mind at the most intensive period.

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