Baby Massage

Baby Butterfly Touch

Butterfly Touch Massage is one of the techniques taught in Gentle Bio-Energetics developed by Dr. Eva Reich. It is a gentle form of light touch therapy that expands our life energy, promotes family bonding. Daily Butterfly Touch baby massage relaxes tense muscles, calms the mind, heals birth trauma, promotes growth and overall improved well-being. This BTM is suitable for all age groups particularly beneficial to premature and newborn babies as babies’ energy field is small as compared to that of older children.

* Please note that trauma is unique to an individual. What causes a traumatic experience for a person may not be traumatic to another.

Reasons for common trauma for babies:

  • Use of anaesthesia / epidural during labour and birth
  • Assisted birth such as cesarean birth, use of forceps, ventouse suction
  • Long labour due to the poor baby’s position
  • Separation from mother after birth
  • Pricking of the heel due to jaundice
  • Suctioning of throat

Benefits to Baby:

  • Promote relaxation and melt tension in the body
  • Reduce stress and colics in babies
  • Remove birth trauma and integrate the birth experience.
  • Stimulate healing properties and promote growth
  • Promote parent-baby bonding
  • Relax diaphragm muscle to resolve hiccups
In this session, Yen will share Butterfly Touch Baby Massage strokes for you to bond with your newborn baby or young children to calm baby, to release birth trauma, promote growth and relaxation. Space is limited. RSVP is required.
Shared by Kong Choon Yen who trained in 8 Days Gentle Bio-Energetics. Yen is undergoing certification in Good Beginnings.

Venue: Online Zoom Live session

Cost: $20 per parent-baby pair

Time: 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Date: 18 June / 23 July 2020