Birth Course Singapore – Childbirth Preparation

Birth Course Singapore – Childbirth Preparation. Physical and Mental Preparation & Nutrition for Mother, Childbirth & Breathing. Child care.

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Birth Course Singapore - Childbirth Preparation

Are you searching for Natural Childbirth Course or  Birth Classes in Singapore? “What is HypnoBirthing?”- Kong Choon Yen from Birth Discovery 1. HypnoBirthing Mongan Method Course 2. Natural Childbirth Education Course 3. Breathing Techniques – Calm Breath 4. We don’t push our baby out, we breathe our baby down as its more natural. 5. Affirmations & Visualisation. 6. Work with your body, natural, numb your senses. 7. Deeply Relax. 8. Role of Mother, Role of Husband as a Birth Doula, 9. Role of Baby to birth themselves.

Birth Course Singapore – Childbirth Preparation

Baby Whisperer Class. Post Natal Class. Baby Whisperer. Nursing. Lactation. The Mongan Method teaches mothers to ‘breathe their baby down’ gently and mothers who are following the HypnoBirthing Mongan Method breathing technique have often commented that they feel like they have failed when they have the natural urge to push/bear down.

Hypnobirthing Childbirth Classes / Courses & Trainings by Birth Expert Singapore – Kong Choon Yen

HypnoBirthing Training Singapore by Birth Discovery

HypnoBirthing® combines science and nature. Our natural birth courses in Singapore return confidence to expectant parents by providing evidence-based information, debunks myths of childbirth, remove fears related to birthing, takes into consideration the psychological factors of the family that affect the birthing process.

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