Peaceful & Stress-Free Pregnancy and Birth

1.12 There are internal an external challenges. Women are afraid of labour. Fear of labour pain is one of the common fear of expectant mothers. Support from care-givers such as their doctor may not support women wanting natural drug-free birth. For a complete transcript, please watch the video.
3.00 Good birth experience is defined as a positive birth experience. It may or may not related to the birth outcome. When a woman’s choices for the kind of birth she wanted is being respected and not being interfered with unnecessary medical intervention,. When a woman felt empowered, looked back at her birth and that she did not regret her decision making, then she considered her birth as a good birth. If you have a positive birthing experience, the chance of suffering from postpartum depression will also be reduced.
5.41 First, prepare for your pregnancy for a healthy pregnancy in order to avoid medical intervention that is related to health condition. If you are already pregnant, it is good to prepare for childbirth mentally and physically. Most of us are ill-prepared. One of the area I focus on is to clear the mind of negative perception/beliefs system that can sabotage us. I talk about natural childbirth education. Understand what is normal about birth reduces stress toward your upcoming birth.

Why are some mothers felt that it is hard to connect with their babies even after birth? 

Did you feel overwhelmed with so much to prepare for baby’s arrival? Were you being poorly informed of what birth is?

Tia’s Second Magical HypnoBirthing

Tia's Magical HypnoBirthing

Tia chose HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method of childbirth education to give birth to her second child. Eventhough she birthed her baby four years ago,  She didn’t know much about what childbirth mean to her. Surprisingly to both Tia and her husband were more conscious and achieved their second birth magically where their baby just flow into this world while Tia visualised herself in the magical forest welcoming her baby calmly and much joy and gentleness.

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Doula Services Singapore, Best Hypnobirthing Doula Singapore.

HypnoBirthing Singapore by Birth Discovery: Types of Childbirth ClassesSingapore’s Best Prenatal Classes

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HypnoBirthing Singapore by Birth Discovery. Mother-Centric postpartum doula support when you need it most … Labour & Birth Support The doula aims to help the partner to feel empowered & informed to help the labouring/birthing mother. The doula will offer ideas to help support the labouring/birthing mother from beginning to end.

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Singapore’s trusted prenatal and postnatal hub for expectant couples and young mothers! Ultimate Guide to Doulas in Singapore: Recommended – Midwife Childbirth DoulaDoulas of Singapore pregnancy birth and postpartum…

Mother-Centric postpartum doula support when you need it most. Independent doulas · KK Women & Children’s Hospital · Parkway East · Raffles Hospital · National University Hospital · Gleneagles Hospital · Mount Elizabeth

Voice of Baby

Voice of Baby

This poem is written by Kong Choon Yen, who has worked on life most powerful of expanding expectant couples mind to inspire them to regain clarity in creative parenthood. Yen guide expectant parents to welcome their baby into their arms in a gentle and healthy way.

Will you hear the song I sing?

Womb is my world
Womb is a place of love where a spark is seen
Womb is a place for nurturing a new life where the future is seen
Womb is a place for creativity where so much is happening within
I feel warm and light with freedom to swim
I am happy when I get to bounce and play with the one beyond my home
I feel excited as I sense warmness and coolness
I enjoy different taste of fluid except the one that makes me groggy
I am loved whenever I am stimulated
Are we strangers who feel familiar?
Have we known each other long before we meet?

HypnoBirthing Singapore -The Mongan Method : Natural Childbirth Education Singapore

    World HypnoBirthing Day 25th Anniversary in 2015

Who is Kong Choon Yen?

Kong Choon Yen is a Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute. My journey began when I decided to prepare myself for a healthy pregnancy for a new life to grow in my womb. After a year of preparation including modifying my diet to more living food and intensive detoxification and rejuvenation program, I conceived easily. With that “clean” body, my mind was clearer too. That lead me into now a profession called HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator,  Holistic Birth Doula, Infant Massage Instructor and a Good  Beginnings Angel, known to many as a Birth Expert.  I am also a speaker, Global Spark TrainOpreneur and #1 International Bestselling Author of a book Yes I Can! 16 Success Secrets of Inspiring Women Around The World

Being a mother changed my priority in life and turn my life around. I learned from my past birth experience that I felt inadequate and helpless in my first birth, but an empowered and confident experience from my second pregnancy to birth through a series of preparation even before conception to a total drugged-free birth. This journey not only was healing for me but it helped me transform. It’s a reflection of myself that lead me into holistic living and got my foot into the birthing industry since 2011.

What I think I do best

 Hypnobirthing is a birthing method that uses self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help a woman feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared and reduce her awareness of fear, anxiety and pain during childbirth.

HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method brought light to me when I prepared for my second birth. It’s my turn now to impart to you the Art and Joy of Birthing method that focuses on returning confidence to the labouring mother to trust her birthing instinct In this program, I dispel common myths of childbirth, eliminate fears related to the labouring process, bring the family together, get the husband/partner involvement to work with you as a team in your birth. We won’t forget your baby.

My role as a Birth Doula is to provide you with the kind of support caters to your needs, guide you step by step throughout the childbirth process including the postpartum period. I hope that with my calm presence and support, you and your partner feel more settle and focus on enjoying the birth process. When both partners are mentally prepared with the right mindset, we can achieve an unmedicated birth without fear so that you can focus on welcoming your baby into your arms fully alert, connected and with a sense of peace.

HypnoBirthing Singapore: Natural Childbirth Education Singapore.

Welcome to HypnoBirthing Singapore!

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Looking for The Best Antenatal Classes in Singapore? There are MANY benefits to taking a prenatal class in Singapore . Unmedicated / Natural Childbirth Workshop. 

Marie Mongan Method | HypnoBirthing

“What is HypnoBirthing?”- Kong Choon Yen from Birth Discovery 1. HypnoBirthing Mongan Method Course 2. Natural Childbirth Education Course 3. Breathing Techniques – Calm Breath 4. We don’t push our baby out, we breathe our baby down as its more natural. 5. Affirmations & Visualisation. 6. Work with your body, natural, numb your senses. 7. Deeply Relax. 8. Role of Mother, Role of Husband as a Birth Doula, 9. Role of Baby to birth themselves. 25 -32 and not late to join at 37 weeks All expectant mums including those with cesarean birth

What is HypnoBirthing -The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing founder Marie Mongan knows from her own four births that it is not necessary for childbirth to be a terribly painful experience. In this book she shows women how the Mongan Method works and how parents they can take control of the greatest and most important event of their lives. With HypnoBirthing, your pregnancy and childbirth will become the gentle, life-affirming process!

HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method Singapore

Childbirth Education | Birth Courses | Pregnancy Classes

HypnoBirthing is a celebration of life and in embracing a natural birth, connection with your pre-born baby, will build a better understanding of your baby as a conscious little person who can interact with you, even before birth. HypnoBirthing techniques teach woman how to release all prior programming about birth to free herself of limiting thoughts and emotions about birthing.

Good Beginnings Singapore

Kong Choon Yen, HBCE, BD(CBI), HBIMI Yen is a mother of two boys, a HypnoBirth mom, a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner/Childbirth Educator, Certified Birth Doula, an Infant Massage Instructor and a Good Beginnings Angel. Yen is the founder of Birth Discovery and Pay Good Beginnings Forward support group. Doula | Prenatal Support | Postnatal Support Good … Continue reading \”Good …

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HypnoBirthing Course Singapore – There are MANY benefits to taking a prenatal class in Singapore… Your search for Childbirth Education, Birth Courses and Pregnancy Classes stops here! Welcome to Birth Discovery! Hypnobirthing is about mentally preparing yourself for childbirth with the help of positive thoughts and deep relaxation. Contact HypnoBirthing Singapore – Birth …

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We offer the best and most comprehensive Prenatal and Postnatal Classes & Services in Singapore. Birth Doula. Childbirth Preparation Course. Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Class? Best Hypnobirthing Tips – Pregnancy Changes, Labour & Delivery, Post Delivery Care, Breastfeeding Preparations & Other Common Concerns. You have landed on  HypnoBirthing Singapore by Birth …

Hypnobirthing : The Mongan Method Book

Hypnobirthing : The Mongan Method: the Natural Instinctive Approach to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing by Mongan, Marie F. HypnoBirthing(R) has gained momentum around the globe as a positive and empowering method of childbirth. Here’s why: HypnoBirthing helps women to become empowered by developing an awareness of the instinctive birthing capability of their bodies. …

Good Beginnings Singapore

Kong Choon Yen, HBCE, BD(CBI), HBIMI Yen is a mother of two boys, a HypnoBirth mom, a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner/Childbirth Educator, Certified Birth Doula, an Infant Massage Instructor and a Good Beginnings Angel. Yen is the founder of Birth Discovery and Pay Good Beginnings Forward support group. Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Course or Training? Good … Continue …

HypnoBirthing Class Singapore | Natural Birth Techniques (Methods)

HypnoBirthing Class Singapore | Natural Birth Techniques (Methods) Hypnobirthing is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, … Classes are only taught by qualified hypnobirthing practitioners. Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Class? Hypnobirthing Singapore Blog & Resources Juwon and her husband wanting a total natural birth for their second …

Hypnobirthing Classes Singapore | Pregnancy Birth Class

Hypnobirthing Classes Singapore, Pregnancy Birth Class. Looking for natural birth courses & Childbirth education in Singapore?

Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Class?

Birth Discovery offers Pregnancy, and prenatal preparation classes; antenatal classes!  If you are planning for a Calm and Healthy birth, be it hospital birth, home birth or water birth, HypnoBirthing Natural Childbirth Education is for you!

HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method is a unique method of calm and relaxed natural childbirth education enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques.

Antenatal Classes In Singapore To Prepare For Your Baby’s Birth.. From hypnobirthing to husband-coached childbirth, discover an array of antenatal classes in Singapore perfect for expectant mothers and their spouse!

Shirin’s Fourth Birth

It is never too late to achieve the dream birth!

Hi my name is Shirin and this is my 4th pregnancy! And not like everything else where experience is an advantage, my previous birth experiences gave me much anxiety and fear that I started having nightmares as I approached the end of my pregnancy. I have always thought my previous 3 births were natural. Little did I know that those births were not and were very much medically assisted. My biggest fear for this 4th one was that I could not ‘push ‘ baby out and have to go have assisted birth again which will require a long time to heal. I prayed for a sign or something to help me go through it this time.

I was inspired by my friend’s HypnoBirthing experience but highly sceptical?

When I was 33 weeks, I was introduced to HypnoBirthing by my son’s classmate’s mom. She is a self-taught HypnoBirthing mom and practiced it for her 3 kids. She had all easy, short and drug free birth. She said labour wasn’t painful at all. I was inspired but highly sceptical. Really? no pain? Then why did I go through all the pain for my previous 3 births?

This friend of mine sent me some links on HypnoBirthing and told me get hold of Marie Mongan’s book on HypnoBirthing. I couldn’t find a copy in the library and so out of desperation I tried posting it on Facebook to see if I could borrow it from anyone. To my surprise I found out a few of my friends did HypnoBirthing. And 2 of them actually did home birth in Malaysia. I was in awe. Got the book at week 34 and started reading. The book was an easy read, very informative & enlightening. However I still am not sure how the techniques work. I was then recommended by a friend to look for Yen from Childbirth Odyssey. I emailed Yen immediately and she invited me to a HypnoBirthing talk at Bove on that Friday, I managed to convince my husband to come along that night. After much thought and discussion, he told me we should go for the class. We attended the 5 session class conducted by Yen the next few weekends and it was one of the best decision we have made. Only wished I had this chance when I had my first kid.

There were a lof of “Ah-Ha” Moments!

Some of the doubts I had before I begin the classes were – since this is our 4th child, is it really necessary to go through the whole course? Will we be ‘bored’? Is it more suitable for first time parent? I am only 6 weeks before my EDD, is it too late? I am surprised and happy to say that I have learnt so much in the course. There were a lot of “Ah-Ha” moments when we looked back at what happened to our previous birth. How on earth did a natural-pain free phenomena became such a heavily medical life threatening event? We have been so misinformed!

Highlight of the course were the practical exercises of hypnosis relaxation techniques, the light touch massage and the discussion and sharing from Yen of the experiences of other moms. I must say that Yen delivered the workshop with clarity and she was very supportive and gave us encouragement during the course and even after.

It took much Courage and Conviction to change hospital and Doctor at 38 weeks pregnant

We managed to complete the 5th session at the 36th week of my pregnancy. The first thing we did was to type out our birth plan (1st actual written birth plan) and submit it to our doctor. Our doctor was very friendly and felt like he was pro natural however after looking at our request, he told us honestly that many of it couldn’t be done due to the policy of the hospital.  It took much courage and conviction to then change to another hospital and another gynae who supported HypnoBirthing and our birth plan. At the 38th week we changed to Dr Pamela Tan of Thomson Medical Centre.

My Husband was my Pillar of Strength

On the morning of 12th June 2018, 5am, I woke up feeling wet and realized the mucus plug has released. I emptied my bowels and rested. Surges begin and were about 15 minutes apart. I remembered to breathe through them and to remain happy and calm. I had my breakfast and left the house at about 8:45am when surges became stronger and were about 5 minutes apart. At about 10:30am we checked into the hospital and were left in the delivery suite to labour on our own. My husband was my pillar of strength. He gently supported me, did the light touch massage and kept me happy and loved. This truly helped me relax, visualising the opening rose. I could actually feel the cervix opening with each effective surge. At 12:30pm I started feeling tired and I took a short nap. I then I realized I needed some energy and so I had some porridge at 1pm and immediately after the porridge my surges became very strong. At 1:45pm I was fully opened and felt baby has crowned. I breathed baby down in 3 surges and baby was born at 2:02pm.

This time the Birth was Different because of many factors

Firstly my husband was fully aware of what I was going through and I felt calm and could totally let go knowing he is there to communicate with the nurses and doctor what we wanted. This experience has brought us closer together and he was very much part of the birthing process.

Secondly, the choice of hospital and supportive doctor and nurses made a lot of difference. I like how Dr Pamela was calm, listened and was very respectful of our wishes and request. I was also drug free and fully conscious, prepared and welcomed every surge. With the knowledge from the course, it empowered us to make informed decision. And because I was relaxed, I could eat and drink. This gave me strength to go through the labour process. The most memorable part was that I could feel baby crowned and going down the birth path. I was in disbelief that I actually use ‘J’ Breathing to breathe my baby down and birth naturally. The feeling was just incredible!

Thirdly, because I had a drug free, short labour, I was fully conscious. For the first time I bonded with my baby the moment he was born. This time, I could wear pants and walk around which normally took 3-4 weeks. It’s a miracle.

All in all it was such a blissful, rewarding and healing birth experience for me! I am really happy that I have overcome my fears and achieved my dream birth.  Remember, it’s never too late!

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Welcome to the Hypnobirthing Singapore by Birth Discovery | Hypnobirthing Singapore Reviews | HypnoBirthing Educator in Singapore – Best Hypnobirthing Tips

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HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method is a unique method of calm and relaxed natural childbirth education enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques. It is a series of prenatal classes in Singapore that based on the philosophy that birth is normal, natural and a healthy event. HypnoBirthing equips couples with a deeper understanding of childbirth, deep relaxation techniques such as specific breathing techniques for different phases of labour, visualisation, affirmation and fear release sessions.

The newest 4th Edition HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method textbook with CD set, Rainbow Relaxation CD and class handouts

If you are giving birth in Singapore, confuse and not knowing what to expect during labour and birth or simply require additional support, consider hiring a Birth Doula.

Giving birth is a family event that involves the woman, her birth partner/husband, and her baby. The role of the labouring woman is to give birth.

Doula | Prenatal Support | Postnatal Support

Birth Discovery teaches hypnobirthing classes to pregnant women in Singapore.

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Obstetricians who support Natural Birth and Water Birth in Singapore

Natural Birth Blog Singapore – Hypnobirthing Blog
I started off with looking at antenatal courses available online and read up reviews. Prenatal tips singapore singaporean mummy mothers newborn. Try to take up hypnobirthing to help.

Birth Discovery Upcoming Events

Pregnancy and Childbirth Events/Programs Sign up for each program and and have access to the expert's advice and the workshops' recordings for only $20. Sign up Prepare for Nuturing Conception 5 Days Program Sign up ...
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Birth Classes in Singapore - Healthy birth without Epidural Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Course or Training? Childbirth & Breathing. Breast Feeding. Prenatal Class. Child care. Lactation. Brand Development. Baby Whisperer Class. Nursing. Hypnobirthing Videos on Hypnobirthing Singapore Youtube ...
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Childbirth Class Singapore – Courses & Training

Childbirth Class Singapore - Courses & Training. Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Course or Training? HypnoBirthing Pregnancy classes is a combination of Lamaze Childbirth Education, Bradley Husband-Coached Childbirth Method, and Hypnosis. It is presented in a ...
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Birth Course Singapore – Childbirth Preparation

Birth Course Singapore - Childbirth Preparation. Physical and Mental Preparation & Nutrition for Mother, Childbirth & Breathing. Child care. Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Course or Training? Hypnobirthing Videos on Hypnobirthing Singapore Youtube Are you searching for Natural Childbirth ...
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HypnoBirthing Class Singapore by Birth Discovery HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method Birth Classes in Singapore Mind over Body HypnoBirthing® antenatal classes in Singapore provide the missing link allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a ...
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HypnoBirthing® combines

HypnoBirthing® combines science and nature. Our natural birth courses in Singapore return confidence to expectant parents by providing evidence-based information, debunks myths of childbirth, remove fears related to birthing, takes into consideration the psychological factors of the family that affect the birthing process.

 It prepares expectant woman and her birth companion a positive mindset with relaxation exercises to condition the mind and body towards preparing for a Healthy and the most satisfying birth and emphasizing the feeling for the baby from womb to birth.

HypnoBirthing Pregnancy classes is a combination of Lamaze Childbirth Education, Bradley Husband-Coached Childbirth Method, and Hypnosis. It is presented in a fascinating series of five classes that educate, inform, inspire and empower expectant parents to birth the way they desire and that birth doesn’t have to be a traumatic event but a celebration of life.

If you desire a healthy birth, you can now learn HypnoBirthing® –The Mongan Method. And bring your birth to the next level. Reprogram your mind, release conscious and subconscious fear, transform stress and anxiety in birth to beautiful birth….

Need additional support during pregnancy, labour and birth to what to expect after birth? Birth Doula is a Professional Birth Companion who acts as an emotional tranquillizer and a guide to help you achieve a satisfying birth experience…

Build your confidence with labour tools and techniques that you and your partner can learn to enjoy your birth. This is an advanced active birthing class for dads. Hands-on technique to complement what you learn in your childbirth classes. This class equips birth partner methods to assist labouring mom in labour…

This childbirth preparation class is great for couples who wish to understand more about giving birth in Singapore and some hands-on massage techniques that partner can use to support his woman in labour. You will learn the pros and cons of relaxation techniques vs pain relief options offered in the hospitals …

Kong Choon Yen HBCE, BD(CBI), HBIMI

Peaceful & Stress-Free Pregnancy and Birth

Looking to attend Hypnobirthing Classes in Singapore?

Kong Choon Yen (The Birth Expert in Singapore) is a Certified HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator affiliated with the HypnoBirthing® Institute. Yen used the HypnoBirthing method to birth her second son and found the method empowering and satisfying. She decided to impart this natural childbirth education enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques called HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method to expectant mothers who want a calm and a healthy birth experience or natural birth story without succumb to drugs whenever possible, and to the husbands who want to make a vital contribution in welcoming their baby into their world in a safe, easier and healthier birth together as a family.

Yen also supports couples during the birthing process as a Certified Birth Doula in Singapore to inspire couples to take charge of their birth, birth plans and make the birthing experience or child birth experience in Singapore a positive and satisfying one.

She is also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor who provides tools and techniques to parents who want to help their baby to adjust to the new environment in a smooth and easy way.

Private Consultation | Calming baby | Labour Tools for Husbands
Birth Relaxation | Prepare for Conception | Good Beginnings
Touch Relaxation | Psych-K

Yen pays close attention to clearing mental-emotional blockages particularly during the prenatal and perinatal period lead her to train in a therapeutic modal for healing and growth psychotherapy called Gentle Bio-Energetic and a simple process called Psych-K to rewire the subconscious beliefs.  Yen started a Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Support Group since 2014 advocating a holistic living for individuals and families who want to prepare themselves mentally, emotionally and physically before conception through post-birth.

Pregnancy Workshops

Pregnancy Workshops.

Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Class?

HypnoBirthing Singapore by Birth Discovery: Types of Childbirth ClassesSingapore’s Best Prenatal Classes

These two workshops will be conducted by Ms Kong Choon Yen, a Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor, Birth Doula, Psych-K Practitioner

  1. HypnoBirthing-Holistic Childbirth 1.5 hrs $80
  • Maternal care in Singapore
  • What causes pain in labour and how to eliminate pain without drugs
  • Role of a partner/husband in labour and birth
  • Law of the Mind in Childbirth
  • Experience hypnosis – Mind-Body connection

Venue: 10 Winstedt Rd, Block A #01-04 S227977
Saturday  6.30pm-8.00pm

2. Birth Options and Partner Massage 2hrs (worth $100)

  • Labour ward facilities in various hospitals – Choosing the birth environment that’s right for you
  • Difference between water birth, hydrotherapy and other options
  • Relaxation methods vs chemical pain reliefs (group work)
  • Partner’s Massage-for grounding and to promote the release of endorphins. You will learn when and how to use light touch massage, firm touch, counter pressure, acupressure points etc.
  • Finding your right team of support-What is a Birth Doula

Venue: Beauty Mums and Babies, 290 Orchard Rd, #14-11/12 Paragon Tower 1, Lift Lobby F
Wednesday 5 November, 7.00pm – 9.00pmShould you require further assistance, please contact us