Birth Preparation Classes Singapore

Are you searching for Natural Childbirth courses or  Birth Preparation Classes in Singapore?

Do you want to be Inspired to birth calmly and enjoy your surges (contraction)? Watch these HypnoBirthing stories in videos.

Birth Discovery’s signature Birth Preparation Class is the HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method Natural Childbirth Course. Birth Preparation Classes Singapore are offered in an intimate setting for a personal touch and continuous mentoring. So, new parents can approach their birth with confidence.

What Pregnancy Preparation classes should you take before having a baby?

These Prenatal classes, also called childbirth or labor preparation classes, are strongly recommended to all expectant parents.  I called these “Rescue Remedy” for new parents to save you unnecessary stress and enjoy your journey of parenthood. They are essentials for first-time parents, ideal for second-time parents and experienced parents who had traumatic births or less than positive birth experiences for the mother and her family.

The Benefits of Taking Birth Discovery Birth Preparation Singapore also known as Parent Preparation Class are as follows:
  • Instead of birth as a suffering and a painful ordeal that women have to go through, Birth Discovery prepares you for a different kind of birth, instills a growth mindset. You will approach your birth feeling confident, love, and looking forward to a family reunion
  • Reduce stress and anxiety in the partner, bring your husband on the same page to support his women, and work as a team with various mind-over-body techniques, hands-on techniques. We don’t stress the husband as the mother will learn to do her part to relax both her mind and her body for birth.
  • Reduce stress for the baby when the mother is reasonably relaxed and avoided taking epidural. Less stress for the baby born without assisted birth and feeling totally no senses in the body that can cause panic in baby
  • Birth Discovery classes prepare you for pre-birth parenting. Build your connection with your baby right from the start of your pregnancy.
  • Parents will understand the baby’s physical needs, emotional needs, and cognitive needs after birth. Learn to see, listen and assist baby to stay calm in his/her transition period on land.
  • Change your mind and change the way you give birth
Birth Preparation Classes offered by Birth Discovery
HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education is an essential parent preparation class for new parents ~ Rachel Poon, First-time mother

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Classes / Courses & Trainings by Birth Expert Singapore – Kong Choon Yen

Complete Antenatal Classes are your “Rescue Remedy” for parenthood. Before the arrival of your bundle of joy, you may feel anxious & lost over what to expect. Antenatal Birth Classes are essentials for Mental Preparation to learn more about your pregnancy health & nutrition for mother and baby. Physical alignment and couples exercises, relaxation techniques for Childbirth Child care. Calming Baby Newborn care trains you to be your Baby Whisperer and Baby Butterfly Massage for bonding and healing birth trauma.

Calming Baby is a newborn class designed to help parents respond to their babies promptly and confidently. Reduces colics for baby and help baby sleeps longer
1 Day Childbirth Crash Course for Busy Expectant Parents and for Experienced Parents