Butterfly Touch Massage Therapy

Good Beginnings GBE - Butterfly Touch Massage

Butterfly Touch Massage is developed and patterned by Dr. Eva Reich, MD while working with premature babies in Harlem Hospital during 1951-1952. Her experience came from working with her father Wilheim Reich, and her teaching workshops around the world. After which, Eva realised Butterfly Touch Massage works equally well for children and adults as well as with the elderly even though it was developed to help mother and baby bond.

Dr. Eva Reich is the daughter of psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich who later discovered orgone energy, the energy responsible for the biological pulsation of life on Earth.

Dr. Eva Reich coined her father’s gentle work, and developed it as Gentle Bio-Energetics. Gentle Bio-Energetics is an educational and therapeutic model that integrates verbal and body therapies for healing and growth. The gentle aspect refers to the non-invasive role of the therapist/helper, who nurtures with both touch and verbal interventions.

Bio-Energetics refers to the individual’s life energy; how it flows freely or is blocked by armour, which results from traumatic life experiences. Butterfly Touch Massage is a light touch therapy that helps to relax the recipient, increase life energy to expand outward. Hence, this can be done to free the person of negative emotions that are trapped in the cells as a result of traumatic life experiences. Butterfly Touch Massage melts the body’s defence system, and it is the first step towards the expansion of life energy to flow.

Benefits of Butterfly Touch Massage for Couples Planning to Conceive:

  • calm the autonomic nervous system, relax the mind and body, and improve mental clarity
  • restore life force especially after an accident or illness, improve blood circulation and strengthen immunity
  • stimulate and rejuvenates the whole body
  • promote bonding for couples, create bonding between parent and child or baby
  • positively affects the mutual relationships of adults
  • melt the armouring system, dissolve tensions in the physical body
  • develop body awareness and spiritual connection
  • promote relaxation and the release of endorphins that help the mother stay in a state of inner peace

Benefits of Butterfly Touch During Pregnancy to beyond Postpartum Period

  • help to heal the memory of primal trauma, release negative emotions that can hinder the labouring process
  • help the labouring mother to relax, induce sleep during labour and birth
  • restore energetic flow, helps mothers with postnatal depression
  • support psychotherapy for those who experienced violence and sexual abuse

Benefits to Babies and Children

  • help baby release birth issue as early in life as possible
  • help expand newborn’s energy after birth to integrate the birth experience
  • calm the baby and reduce colic
  • calm hyperactive child, aid sleep
  • repair bond if mother and baby were separated after birth

For more information about Gentle Bio-Energetics please visit The Theory of Gentle Bio-Energetics.

Kong Choon Yen is trained in 8 Days Gentle Bio-Energetics and Good Beginnings. She is passionate in helping an individual to heal his/her primal trauma (conception to first 2 years of life).

Venue: Aromatherapy Clinic at Grandlink Square #03-06

Cost: Promotional price for expectant mothers @ $80 per session or  $200 for three sessions.
Complimentary butterfly touch message for baby & child with a paying adult.

Good Beginnings Package – Prepare to Conceive @ $100 first session with Trauma Life-Line, $80 per session

Home visit @ $150 per session