Calming Baby

Calming Baby

Calming Baby class is suitable for new parents and experienced parents to take care of newborn baby confidently and calmly. It is an infant care class specially designed to prepare expectant couples understand babies nervous system in the new environment, to help baby reduce stress by responding to baby's cries and needs promptly in the following areas.

  • Understand Baby’s Basic Needs through various cues, cries/sound
  • Calming anti-colic massage calms baby, promotes bonding between parent and baby, relieves bodily discomfort and brings relaxation
  • How to turn on baby’s Calming Reflex within seconds using the 5S’
Benefits to the family:
  • Ability to identify the baby’s needs promptly
  • Calms baby's nervous system so that baby is contented and uses cry effectively.
  • Improve sleep and better digestion when the baby is well adjusted and more at peace. Reduces colics in baby.
  • Improve parents' self-esteem and feel more empowered
  • Balance family autonomic nervous system, improve family’s overall health and well-being
  • Calming Baby makes your parenthood journey a lot easier
Parent’s feedback

“Your classes were very helpful especially when I was thrown into breastfeeding at every 2 hours interval. I was flipping through your notes on all the crying cues and how to latch etc. Fortunately, Lila latched quite well and has been quite a calm baby. At least, when she cried, we understood why?” Wendy Chua, first-time mother

“I’m glad you reached out and encouraged me to join the Calming Baby class. Both my mum and I learnt quite a bit from it” Jackie Li, first-time mother

Date: One session held on Sunday,  22 August / 26 September / 21 November 2021

Time: 3.00pm-6.00pm

Venue: 10 Winstedt Rd, #01-04 Singapore 227977

Cost:  Single lesson for a couple @ $100 (Group ) / $200 (Private)

call (65) 6100 9863/PH- 9863 7867 to inquire.

Keeping your baby calm and at peace is the parent’s first priority. Parents can confidently help baby adjust to the life outside of the womb.


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My Husband was trained and knew what to do to calm me in labour. We were closer together. I had drug-free, stress-free birth and fast recovery after birth, positive 4th birth.

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