Childbirth Class Singapore – Courses & Training

Childbirth Class Singapore – Courses & Training.

Looking for Hypnobirthing Childbirth Course or Training? HypnoBirthing Pregnancy classes is a combination of Lamaze Childbirth Education, Bradley Husband-Coached Childbirth Method, and Hypnosis. It is presented in a fascinating series of five classes that educate, inform, inspire and empower expectant parents to birth the way they desire and that birth doesn’t have to be a traumatic event but a celebration of life.

Are you searching for Natural Childbirth Course or  Birth Classes in Singapore? The HypnoBirthing exercises—positive thinking, relaxation, visualization, breathing and physical preparation—will lead to a happy and comfortable pregnancy, even if you are currently unsure of an intervention-free birth.

Natural Childbirth Classes Singapore

“What is HypnoBirthing?”- Kong Choon Yen from Birth Discovery 1. HypnoBirthing Mongan Method Course 2. Natural Childbirth Education Course 3. Breathing Techniques – Calm Breath 4. We don’t push our baby out, we breathe our baby down as its more natural. 5. Affirmations & Visualisation. 6. Work with your body, natural, numb your senses. 7. Deeply Relax. 8. Role of Mother, Role of Husband as a Birth Doula, 9. Role of Baby to birth themselves.

Childbirth Class Singapore – Courses & Training – Natural Birth Classes Singapore

My Husband was trained and knew what to do to calm me in labour. We were closer together. I had drug-free, stress-free birth and fast recovery after birth, positive 4th birth.

Welcome to Antenatal Class Singapore by Birth Discovery! Are you searching for Natural Birth Course? Highly recommend Mother & Child services. No better one in Singapore!

HypnoBirthing Courses Singapore by Birth Discovery

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