Daddy’s Birth Experience

Brad described his experience in welcoming his second son as extraordinary after they went through the HypnoBirthing birth experience. He shared in person with me that he guided Tia through a magical journey using visualisation technique where Tia visualised light coming through the forest and that she felt the baby moving down the birth path. That’s how Tia described her second birth as a Magical experience. You can read Tia’s sharing here or watch their video at our first World HypnoBirthing Day in 2015.

Christopher who is a father of four thought that his wife must be too bored to even consider taking HypnoBirthing class to prepare for their fourth birth. He is now convinced that this birth (fourth birth) truly brought his wife Shirin and him together. This time, he was fully involved in the birth process and enjoy welcoming their fourth baby boy into this world in a “different” but healing way.

Zech said he didn’t think birth could be so easy. They initially planned for a water birth at the hospital, it turned out to be a wet birth at home in a shower. It wasn’t planned. Baby just decided to come before Sarah and Zech could make it to the hospital resulted in a pleasant surprise of easy home birth.

Gabriel is a medical doctor who had seen 40-50 births in the hospital during his residency. He strongly believed that birth was a painful ordeal. He didn’t believe birth could be joyful until he witnessed his wife Sally birthed Baby Sephina easily and without pain. Read Sally’s story here.