Fertility Massage

A luxury way to improve women’s health is massage therapy. If you are planning to conceive with and without any gynaecological condition, Fertility Massage Program helps you to achieve optimal health. This program is provided by highly trained Hajjah Mariati Johari, a London trained massage trainer to align your pubic bone, uterus and ovaries, balance your nervous system, nourish the body, improve blood circulation and to achieve rejuvenation.
Fertility Womb Recovery Massage Therapy can assist if you are having irregular menstruation cycle, premenstrual syndrom, cysts and fibroid, endometriosis, miscarriage, infertility or complement your journey in assisted fertility.
Preconception consultation is required in order to determine what is needed based on your unique bodily condition. It is ideal to start preparing yourself for conception at least 6 months prior to getting pregnant.
Holistic Health Investment: $ 1760 for 8 sessions
  1. Joy and Challenges of Fertility Journey
  2. Fertility Yoga Class Yoga Teacher Trainer
  3. Energetic Flow for Optimal Health with Holistic Practitioner
  4. Working with Your Partner through Effective Communication with Holistic Psychologist
  5. Fertility Charting with FertilityCare Practitioner
  6. Healthy Fertility with a Holistic Health Consultant
  7. Getting Ready to Enjoy Nurturing Conception with the Team

Each class is one hour long. You can access the recordings of the online classes are your convenience. Remember to note down your sign in username and password.

Details of the program can be found here.