Good Beginnings

Good Beginnings Care for Pregnancy to Postpartum Health

Good Beginnings is Dr. Eva Reich’s Gentle Bio-Energetics caters to anyone (women and men) to heal prior to conception, the sensitive period of women during pregnancy, birth through the postpartum period. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist said, illnesses are due to trauma, toxins and negative thoughts and emotions. In this first session, we shall uncover the root cause of trauma that hinder the flow of energy that prevents us from living our life to the fullers.

The goal of Gentle Bio-Energetics education and therapy is to enable individuals to identify his/her armouring mechanisms, heal any underlying conscious or unconscious memories and restore the natural flow of life energy.
Gentle Bio‑Energetics involves working with all aspects of the individual; cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual.  It is more than just a body therapy. However, there are special areas that the therapy addresses where the memory may be maintained in our bodies including pre-verbal trauma, unconscious states, and trance states.
Restore Energetic Flow

Fastest method of assessment to identify root cause and issues of trauma. It is also a therapy session. As for the pregnant mother, the life patterns can affect her birth experience. 

Increase the flow of energy across all segments of the body to fully connected to self. This tool is appropriate when one had anesthetic, operations, caesarean birth,  use of epidural, miscarriage, still birth or a sense of disconnection from the body. 

Healing prenatal memories from conception to birth. It is best described as a Meditative experience of regressing into the body memories. 

For expectant mother and mothers after birth. Metamorphosis get energy to the pelvis & womb. Useful for woman who is in danger of miscarriage because of cold un-energized womb. This tool is suitable for baby after birth.

Invite her life energy to flow from the core to the surface. This is great for anyone with anxiety and stress to relax. It is a tool used on pregnancy women during pregnancy. Help woman in labour and birth to relax and function. 

After birth, restore energy for mom and help baby breathe deep into his lungs and integrate the birth experience and heal trauma in the bonding process. Learn more click here.

Trauma lifeline is the first therapy session and assessment required for the therapist to find the right technique to melt your armouring system and restore the flow of energy. One session may take from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
This session is done on Zoom or in person.

Special Package price @$200 for three sessions for category 2 & 3 below. Increase energetic flow for pregnant mothers and postpartum recovery.  Baby receives free Baby Butterfly Touch session.

1. Prepare to Conceive

It is both educational and healing treatment of the primal trauma and inner exploration. The tools are effective to get the roots of armouring and life patterns which originated in the womb.  This is helpful for people who have resistance to change. Help individual to stay centred and calm. The tools use in this segment are Gentle Bio-Energetics and PSYCH-K based on what each need. Options of Fertility Massage/Womb Recovery.

2. Vibrant Pregnancy

Women’s energy is much more open and flexible during pregnancy. The primary goal of the treatment for pregnant women is to restore the natural energetic flow throughout the body, especially to the pelvic segment, so the womb is warm and growing. The openness of all segments is important for labour progress.

$80 per session
$200 package of 3 sessions

3. Postpartum Care

Recovery after birth especially for caesarean or use of epidural during the birth. Restore energetic flow of energy to the womb. Aid healing by relaxing light touch. Good Beginnings help baby stay calm, reduce colics, promote growth  and release birth trauma.
$80 per session, free session for baby $200 package of 3 sessions. Home visit $150 mom and baby, $250 for family of 2 adults up to 2 children/baby