Hypnobirthing Singapore: Positive Birth Stories of Painless Labour without Drugs in Singapore

HypnoBirthing Singapore - Positive Labour & Child Birth Story (Singapore)

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Why Choose HypnoBirthing to Prepare to Welcome Your Baby into This World?

HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method Childbirth Education equips you the knowledge to make informed choices with confidence. It trains you to trust your birthing body, your baby with deep relaxation techniques. You learn to connect with yourself instinctively, so that you can enjoy pregnancy and birth without fear and the ‘expected’ pain. HypnoBirthing is a holistic approach to childbirth.

The Benefits of HypnoBirthing!

1. Specifically, hypnosis during birth may help you relax and hence,  shorten the all stages of labour.
2. Lessen the need for medical interventions.
3. Naturally reduce severe discomfort and pain in labour.
4. Give a feeling of control.
5. Result in healthy babies with less drugs used and less used of  instrumental birth.
6. Help women who’ve experienced trauma.

“My Husband was trained and knew what to do to calm me in labour. We were closer together. I had drug-free, stress-free birth and fast recovery after birth, positive 4th birth” ~ Shirin Tan, fourth-time mother

“HypnoBirthing classes save me money and the unwanted stress of the unknown” ~ Christopher, fourth time dad. Read his complete birth story.

HypnoBirthing is a birthing method that uses self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to help a woman feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared and reduce her awareness of fear, anxiety and pain during childbirth. In fact Yen had a lot of successful stories of mommies who have give birth without any epidural or any pain through HypnoBirthing

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HypnoBirthing Singapore: Creating a Positive Birth Story in Singapore – Yen said “Let’s bringing birth to the next level if you want a positive labour and birth experience for yourself, for your baby and your partner”.

  1. HypnoBirthing Testimonials – Stories from mothers of their child’s natural birth that is pain free and drug free.
  2. HypnoBirthing Story | Positive Birth Story – The fears, the anxiety, Mongan method of HypnoBirthing.
  3. Positive Labour Story in Singapore – Child birth experiences, pregnancy encounters and safe delivery story.

Stop listening to Horror Birth Stories! It’s perfectly natural to feel sceptical about HypnoBirthing techniques, especially for those who have already experienced a more typical childbirth. Yet time and again we hear from our HypnoBirthing parents how HypnoBirthing provides a much more positive, comfortable, calm, relaxed, natural and rewarding experience. Are you sceptical about hypnobirthing? Let’s hear Lilin’s HypnoBirthing Story in Singapore.

Labour Delivery Story where Yen shared HypnoBirthing Experience (Labor) of her second child at the World HypnoBirthing Day 2015. Yen was induced in her first birth where she felt helpless and felt being cheated. The second time round, she was determined to achieve total drug-free birth. She turned to HypnoBirthing to train her mind with hypnosis and released her fear of labour pain. Not only she achieved natural birth, she felt empowered and that was her healing birth. Her dream is all babies are born healthy and complete, without birth injuries and birth trauma to begin their life with.

A Positive Birth Experience: Julia’s Breech Baby Turned Head Down Successfully at 37 weeks gestation.
* Julia not only achieved Natural Birth without Pain Relief, she birthed a big 4.1kg baby with a big head of 37 cm head circumference with ease using HypnoBirthing Signature Birth Breathing

Sally & Gabriel first HypnoBirthing Story. Gabriel is a GP. He looked at the evidence of HypnoBirthing and was convinced that exercising common sense matters. [Positive Birth Story – HypnoBirthing.  Testimonial]. Watch Sally’s sharing on deep connection with her baby and pain free birth here.

Positive Labour Experience | Positive Birth Story – A HypnoBirthing Testimonial by Irina on Positive birth of her 2nd Child (Positive Child Birth Story)  Why did Irina turned to natural birth class and chose HypnoBirthing Course?

HypnoBirthing Story: Home Birth

Sarah was an experienced mom who wanted better birth for her second child. She learned HypnoBirthing and explored her birth options. So, she decided that she wanted to give Water Birth a try… She hired a Doula… Went to HypnoBirthing Class with Yen. Never expected that her experience in labour was so easy and painless that she accidentally gave birth at home.

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