Prepare for Optimal Health Before Conception

Prepare for Optimal Health Before Conceive

Parenthood begins before conception. Our idea is to prepare both partners for Optimal Health before conception. This includes overhauling your body, release emotional trauma especially primal trauma, and transform stress and limiting beliefs into a whole-brain state to create positive changes in life for growth.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist, illnesses are due to trauma, toxins and negative thoughts and emotions. There is another one, in which I sum it up to what I call the 4T. The fourth one is Technology. In this first session, we shall uncover the root cause of trauma that hinder the flow of energy, and that prevents you from living our life to the fullest.

Trauma is defined as any experience that interrupts or influence the flow of life energy – Dr. Eva Reich , Gentle Bio-Energetics.

In these sessions, I will focus on using Two healing modalities. To release emotional baggage, increase life energy using Gentle Bio-Energetic Body Therapy. Transform negative beliefs, self-sabotaging beliefs into a state of peace and non-attachment using PSYCH-K Change Process.

Prepare to Conceive

Gentle Bio-Energetics Body Therapy and PSYCH-K

Kong Choon Yen will determine the tools used in the session. We will focus on "Offloading" and bring Joy back into your life. Improve physical health with detoxification and rejuvenation program, bring the nervous system into a state of balance, release trauma and increase the life energy. Rewire the subconscious mind for success.

Gentle Bio-Energetics

Gentle Bio‑Energetics involves working with all aspects of the individual; cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual.  It is both educational and body therapy. There are special areas that the therapy addresses where the memory may be maintained in our bodies including pre-verbal trauma, unconscious states, and trance states.  Just to name a few common tools I use but not limited to below techniques in the sessions.

Fastest method of assessment to identify root cause and issues of trauma. It is also a therapy session. This is usually the first session. It is important to identify the nature of the problems, the connection and emotional energetic level to the body. This includes gathering information your own conception, in utero experience, the birth experience, pre-verbal time, unconscious state to present life. Trauma Life-Line helps to create the possibility of change for growth.

The purpose of this treatment is to restore the flow and balance of energy across all segments of the body to fully connected to self. This tools is used when one has operations, the use of anesthesia, or a sense of disconnection from the body.

Healing prenatal memories from conception to birth.

The purpose of Butterfly Touch Therapy is to melt armour segmentally and thereby to restore the natural flow of life energy. I would say, it helps people to melt the resistance to change.
Restore Energetic Flow

PSYCH-K Change Process

PSYCH-K is a Change Process that transform stress and anxiety into a state of balance. It releases stress from the body and uncover messages, self-limiting beliefs and lessons that may cause health issues, allergies, phobias, everyday situations and more. For preparation before conception, we will go over Rebirth experience.

Session Duration and Fee

Each session may take 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. Per session: $100 Package of 6 sessions: $500 Home visit $150 per visit Venue: Aromatherapy Clinic, 511 Guillemard Rd, #03-06 Grandlink Square S399849
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Step 1: Self Discovery Journey into Parenthood

How do you improve improve your health and achieve optimal health for fertility.
How can fertility cervical mucus charting helps to achieve fertility? What can you do to reduce stresses in life and achieve healthy conception.

Step 2: Overhaul Your Body for Optimal Conception

If you are motivated to complete overhauling your body for optimal health, gallbladder stones flush is the next step. Watch the next video. Click Here